Terri Major-Kincade

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About Terri Major-Kincade

Dr Terri MD is a double board certified neonatologist and pediatrician practicing in the Dallas Fort Worth Area. She specializes in the care of sick preterm and term infants, follow-up of NICU graduates, physician parent communication, neonatal palliative care, perinatal and pediatric hospice. She is a 2 time Amazon Best-Selling Author. Her most recent book is Early Arrival: 9 things parents need to know about life in the ICU Nursery. She is a national acclaimed public speaker for March of Dimes and PLIDA ( Perinatal Loss and Infant Death Alliance) with specialized keynotes and workshops in the area of Health Disparities, Infant Mortality, Neonatal and Perinatal Loss, , Children With Special Needs and Work-Life Balance. In addition to practicing in Texas she holds medical licenses for Nevada, South Carolina and Georgia.